Can I Use Shampoo on my Dog?

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When your dog suffers from dry, scaly skin, it’s always fascinating to grab a can of his favorite human hair care product to relieve an unpleasant and itchy condition.
However, ask yourself important questions before considering your options.

Can I use the dog’s head and shoulders?

Yes, in a sense, Head and Shoulders is a safe dog shampoo if used infrequently, but to make sure your puppy has no negative reactions, about using this dog shampoo You need to follow the guidelines. Head and shoulder shampoos are safe for dogs to use in moderation. Many beauticians choose a shampoo and use it to treat many illnesses. The basic substance on the head and shoulders is zinc pyrithione, also known as ZPT.
ZPT is a water-soluble substance that helps treat dandruff and its causes. It has the same effect on dogs and humans, so you can use it without worrying about skin problems. In head and shoulder shampoos, ZPT is present in very small amounts. This is only 1 percent of the safe prescription for puppies.

However, not all veterinarians agree 100%.

Important points to remember

However, do not regularly use head and shoulder shampoo on your dog. It should be used in moderation to avoid complications. Dog skin is much more sensitive than human skin.
The cell has only 3-5 layers. By comparison, people have more than 15 layers. Not only that, the pH balance of your dog’s skin is much higher than that of humans.
Dog shampoos are specially designed to control the pH balance between 6.5 and 7.5.

Using a human shampoo with a pH of about 5.5 can cause imbalances and many problems. It is best to always use the dog’s head and shoulders. But it shouldn’t be the best product you use in your bathroom.

Why do you use your head and shoulders for my dog?

Head and shoulder shampoos are great for treating many illnesses. You can find ZPT based dog shampoo. However, it comes with a premium. Charcoal tar is used as an inexpensive shampoo to soothe the skin.
It provides temporary relief but is not as effective as ZPT. Head and shoulders are an inexpensive way to treat puppy skin with ZPT.

How often can a dog’s head and shoulders be used?

If your baby fur has dog dander, you can use it 2-3 times a week. However, the Head and Shoulders shampoo is formulated at a balanced pH and is recommended for pets daily as needed.
The head and shoulders are safe for the dog, but be aware that if the dog’s skin condition is the same, you may need to see a doctor right away.
If your dog’s skin is still greasy or flaky after continued use of shampoo, or if you notice any changes in your dog’s behavior, you should take him to the hospital immediately.

Some head and shoulder problems you can deal with.


Seborrhea is a common skin condition experienced by most dogs. It is very similar to human dandruff. It causes itching and peeling of the skin. However, there are some other features as well. One is that it can make a dog’s skin red and slightly red.
This makes your dog’s coat look greasy, as the scales prevent oil leaks. In severe cases, trapped oil can also spread the odor.
Head and shoulder ZPT is ideal for treating this condition. Shampoo removes existing scales and relieves itching. Seborrhea is often associated with oily skin but is often caused by dry skin.
The shampoo contains many moisturizing ingredients that moisturize the skin of puppies.

Bacterial and fungal infections.

Bacteria and fungi can often cause problems with dog skin. Fortunately, ZPT is an antifungal and antibacterial agent. Help treat yeast infections and promote healing.
Active yeast can cause havoc on the dog’s body if not treated in time. It is not uncommon for problems to spread to the feet, ears, and other parts of the body. You can use your head and shoulders to stop the spread of fungi and bacteria before things get out of hand.


If your dog is suffering from flies, head and shoulder shampoo may be the solution you are looking for. The shampoo is popular among cosmetologists because it can freeze small pests.
After 5 minutes on your dog’s skin, those flies can’t move. You can wash them in your drain. The shampoo also weakens the exoskeleton of the remaining flies. They are so vulnerable that they die very quickly.

How to use your dog’s head and shoulders safely

Are you thinking of bathing your dog with your head and shoulders? Do the following:

Step 1: Prepare your dog

First, you need to prepare a tangle or mat. Use a more polished brush to loosen the mat. Then follow up with a standard Bristol brush to keep your coat clean and smooth.

Step 2: Prepare the bus area

Then you need to reserve your bathing area for your dog. Have your dog take a walk on a rubber mat or look for a clean grass area outside. Use a hand spray to start heating the water to make the puppy comfortable.

Step 3: Start cleaning

Start washing your dog. Make sure the coat is filled with warm water from the neck. Avoid washing your dog’s face. Most dogs are not interested in getting their faces wet. You also need to keep shampoo out of your eyes and mouth. You had better wash your neck.

Step 4: Bubbles

Hold a quarter-sized shampoo in your hand and apply the dog’s fur. Use the foam with your fingers until the shampoo fills the coat. If you have a long-haired or double-haired dog, you need to be especially careful to keep the shampoo in contact with your skin.

Step 5: Wait

For best results, leave the shampoo on the dog’s skin for 10-15 minutes. This gives the ZPT enough time to work its magic. At this point, entertain the dog and wipe his face with a damp cloth. Do not shampoo your clothes. Use only water.

Step 6: Rinse

After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse time! Use a spray bottle and fingers to rinse the shampoo until the water is clean. Soak your finger in the skin and make sure there is no shampoo left. Leaving soap bubbles causes more skin irritation.

Step 7: Dry

Use a few dry towels to remove as much water as possible from your dog’s coat. Then use a hairdryer or air dryer to take care of the rest. Keep the device a few inches away from your skin and keep it moving to prevent burns. When you’re done, finish with a good brush to remove the tangles.

The head and shoulders are great for solving dog skin problems. It can be used up to 3 times a week to treat skin problems. Monitor the progress of healing and pay attention to the dog’s skin.

Once the irritation has completely subsided, you can return to your puppy’s normal shampoo use.

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